Very Beginner's Guide To Increase WordPress Speed and Revenue

I had an argument with someone about, “my web is too slow!” Who wanted a website that nobody can use comfortably? But, after we ended the argument with “agree not to agree”conclusion. Then I think, “what if that jackass was right?”. Like always, being a smart-ass I am, I tried to look for the guide to increase WordPress speed and revenue.

What Is The Connection WordPress Speed and Revenue?

Simply put, what are you going to do when you need something but your favorite store (A) is closed and its competitor (B) will open earlier? My best bet is you will buy your needs from B. Same thing happen to us on the web. When people visit our web looking for information and they have to wait… they’ll leave. Those bastards!

So, as a “webmaster” we need to give what people want as good as it can be and as fast as they need. I put the punctuation in the word “webmaster” because… thank’s to CMS (Content Management System), almost anyone who has spare time can run their own website. No coding and artistic sense needed.

And CMS is what WordPress is about.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Web Hosting

So, I asked Namecheap, a reliable web hosting company I’m using right now about my slow website. They tested my website and then show me some tips to speed-up my web (without tiring my brain).

I found some problems on my web:

  1. Too many advertisement
  2. Too many scripts
  3. Too many images

1. Too Many Advertisement

I know… I know! Making money is one of our point on how we make a website. I won’t write what Google AdSense guide always tells us. But instead, I went through an undermining way. I delete all the AdSense script left by Ads-inserter plugins. You can leave your favorite alone.

Then, how do we make money? If there is no way Ads can be displayed?

Actually… there is a (better) way!

All you have to do is looking for an Ads supported WordPress Theme like the one I’m using (find the name in the footer) or SuperAds. They are offering great features while keeping your Ads displayed (as it should be!) By the way, what’s the point of showing Ads that are not giving you any revenue, right?

2. Too Many Scripts

There are many free plugins you can try to your web. Just type “js-render” and “minify” in the add plugin search bar. The problem is, removing one script by installing other script feels contra-productive for me.

I don’t know how to explain this, but the following method (perhaps there’s a cool name for this) works for me:

Uninstall unnecessary plugins one by one.

I tried to uninstall them all together and then I forgot “which one did what?”. So better to deactivate one plugin – see the result – uninstalling/delete it, then repeat the process to the next plugin.

You might want to test your web speed in between by going to Google’s Don’t worry… it’s Google’s how messed up can it be?

3. Too Many Images

A blog is a blog, something differs a blog from a commercial web, such as the online store. So, we might live just fine with a dull blog without any image. That’s half true (and I always look ahead to the time when I can do just that). But for now, we have eyes to please. Then you can compress the image using free plugins or by using this method.

And that’s it. That’s how I increase WordPress speed and revenue What do you think? Have more tips to add? Do my tips help? Write it in the comment below. >;)

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