Chrome OS Update 64.0.3282.101 Beta Channel

Chrome OS Update 64.0.3282.101 (Platform version: 10176.54.0) was just launched 19 hours ago. Although this update is still in Beta stage, still I was tempted to try it.

Like all products in the Beta stage, this version is not yet a final version called Stable. Because the Beta version aims to provide an opportunity for its users to try and report any damage or bugs.

Developers open the opportunity to report bugs and bugs through forum or by filing a bug.

For those interested in trying this Beta version, can do this by changing the channel by opening the settings and changing the options from Stable to Beta.

Of course, the downloading process will be required. so make sure the internet connection is connected before nagging because the update process is not running.

Meanwhile, As For DevTools 64…

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