How To Play Mobile Legends (Android Games) on Mac

Can you imagine how surprised I am when my child I say “I’m doing ML” when I asked him again what?!? Not only the younger brother who said so, his elder sister came home later and told me that she was scolded by her grandma because she said this to her neighbor, “let’s play ML tonight!” Apparently … ML is the acronym of Mobile Legends, the game that is currently being a trend among gamers. Then I got curious about what they all been playing. Unfortunately, I haven’t fixed my Samsung yet. So, I’ll play it on my MacBook Pro instead.

I’m using MacBook Pro Mid 2010, but I think the method will be similar to other models as well.

Well, now I want to write about how to play Mobile Legends * on Macbook Pro ** Mid 2010. Previously, please watch the YouTube video I created below to get the rich picture of how the result will be:

*and most Android Apps.

**and other supported Mac models.

How cool is that? If interested, you can try to follow the steps below:

What You Should Have

  • Phoenix OS installer.
  • Flashdisk/USB Drive.
  • Internet connection.
  • Google account

Phoenix OS installer is available here. If you’re using Windows (yup, it’s also available for Windows) follow the instruction stated here.

Well, for the sake of returning to the title of this paper (and coincidently my Windows laptop already sold), let us discuss the way life in Mac …

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  1. The first must be contrived is the USB installer on the flash, by copying the disk image (iso or dmg format) to the flash. We can use Unetbootin for this.
  2. Insert the LIVE USB installer we made into Mac. Keep in mind that this process will erase everything was on the USB Drive/Flashdisk, you might want to do some backups first.
  3. Choose “from disk image” then browse to Phoenix OS iso we downloaded before. Choose USB Drive and which one is your USB flash drive. This part can be confusing, so better unplug everything else to make the process more simple.
  4. Continue making the LIVE USB, it could take longer, but you’ll know when it’s done (altered desktop).
  5. Turn off your Mac, turn it on with the USB PLUGGED, hold cmd + R and choose Disk Utility.
  6. Make new partition using disk utility on the hard drive we’re willing to install Phoenix OS too. Phoenix OS doesn’t need too much space. I’m using 8GB only because I’m going to run Phoenix OS without installation.
  7. Right-click the partition we made on the last step, click Restore. Choose the USB drive as the source, then continue. Wait until the process finished.
  8. Well, now we can unplug the USB drive, and then restart our mac while pressing Option, this will enable you to choose which startup disk are you going to use. Choose the one with Phoenix OS in it
  9. Chose Run from the installation disk, I choose this method because I want to minimize the need for using USB drive in the future.
  10. The first welcome screen is in Chinese, click on the drop-down menu and switch to English.
  11. Connect to the internet, go to the menu on the lower left (Phoenix OS logo) and swipe right to find PlayStore. Login to Playstore using your Google account. You will then be asked to update Google Play, confirm.

Well, who feels English is hard? No wonder Chinese are clever, they speak Chinese since kids.

The weakness of this method is that we must always re-login every time you want to use Phoenix OS. If you want Phoenix OS installed permanently on your Mac, just restart step 9, but choose to install Phoenix OS.

How to control the characters we play is with the W, S, A and D keys to move, and H to attack.

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