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Google Chrome Alternatives Late Feb 2018 Edition

Chrome web browser has been my mainstay since seeing its first ad showing how fast Chrome is opening a web page. However, the function of the web browser is no longer just a means of opening web pages but also to run commands ranging from simple to complicated. The release of Chromebooks reinforces it. If you think you need a Google Chrome alternatives for some reasons, like the new environment or just want to separate some credentials apart, just continue reading. We will be discussing that below:

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A web browser can evolve into a reliable operating system. This is accompanied by the number of developers who create extensions and web apps. Is Chrome currently a mainstay? Let’s compare it with some Chrome alternatives below.

I excluded: Chromium, Firefox, Brave, and Tor.

Google Chrome Alternatives #1: Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a unique web browser. With a solid display, Vivaldi able to display a lot of information on one screen. This is evident as I am writing this article.


I can do the writing on Google Translate, pinning the translations into this article, monitoring my social media and simultaneously seeing what’s in my other tabs on one screen. It would be cooler if those tabs were presented in real-time.

It also has web panels which we can use to pin our favorite websites and display their mobile version. I guess it makes Vivaldi consumes less of our computer resource since I couldn’t notice any performance degradation.

Of course, this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have a large screen (with high resolution), why not? After all, if we get bored we can arrange to display only one screen only.

We can even hide all pictures. 

Vivaldi becomes even more sophisticated with the ability to use the Chrome extensions. Wow!

The only downside of Vivaldi is that sometimes YouTube videos won’t open.

Google Chrome Alternatives #2: Opera Neon

If Vivaldi’s display slaps our face with a lot of information, Opera Neon is just the opposite. Neon Opera presents a minimalist look but loaded with functions. This reminds me of the Linux desktop that I customized using Gnome-Pie. Very cool! Just take a look at my short review in this video:
Opera Neon is a web browser that has the coolest look in my opinion. But unfortunately Opera Neon has been showing signs of bad since installed. Several times the installer closed itself, and I have to verify the disk so that Opera Neon can be installed properly.

In addition, going to a website by typing the address in the search field also resulted in the Neon Opera closed itself. Hopefully in the future Opera Neon will be able to function normally, because I really like this festive web browser.

Google Chrome Alternatives #3: Waterfox

Most likely, if you like Firefox, then you will love Waterfox. With the ability to run Firefox add-ons, Waterfox is made open-source by the creator who is 16 years old is really like Firefox. This can obviously be an alternative to Chrome, but it does not seem to be an alternative to Firefox. Watch it:

Google Chrome Alternatives #4: Maxthon

Maxthon became the last in our Google Chrome Alternatives Late Feb 2018 Edition list. The hand gesture feature is cool to try, but unfortunately, I can not click and hold the back button in order to easily return to some previous page in a single click.

Maxthon speed is average, but obviously not even once Maxthon crashed when I used it. Maxthon also has a community, which seems to be related to Xiaomi, a great mobile phone brand in China.

Looking for the coolest mobile web browser? Try Firefox Focus here!

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