Dead Operating Systems But Actually Cool

There are quite a lot of dead operating systems but actually Cool. Some had funding problems while some others were just less desirable.

One of the causes of the lack of interest is too much similarity between one operating system with another. Imagine how boring it is to find so many similarities in so many choices. And even yet… confusing.

Now I will just write down some dead operating systems but actually cool.

There are other OSes that died like such as Pear OS,, ComFusion, etc. But I will only write those with the distinctive features.


I was first introduced to this operating system on HP Touchpad and Pre3 devices. WebOS uses technology that I think has surpassed its era, such as the wireless charging system that has recently been heralded by other companies.

But that’s the hardware matter. The operating system itself has both visual appeal and functionality. Coming with many ready-made apps, owning Pre3 and Touchpad was like holding a gadget from the future among Nokia users.

WebOS which is a continuation of this PalmOS collapsed after failing to compete with the iPad that was launched almost simultaneously.

The high cost of making the Touchpad unit caused Hewlett Packard to stop the project and focusing back on computers peripherals manufacturing.

Trivia: HP decided to share the rest of Touchpad and Pre-production to its employees for a very low price and Apple adopted the similar production as HP did.

Fire OS

This is an OS by Amazon, based on Android. But precisely because it is based on Android, then its users tend to change the default OS of Amazon device to Android completely.
The market interest also decreased along with the increasing number of applications available on the PlayStore.

But for users who really love reading e-books, actually, other apps are not too vital to be put on Kindle, one of Amazon’s products.


Unlike webOS and Fire OS, RemixOS brought Android to your desktop… Literally! With its simple installation, you can play your favourite game even on your “ready to throw away” laptops.

Of course, there are downsides to running Android on your desktop PC, like running out of memory when running heavy stuff. Even word editor suffers from this issue.

On July 17, 2017, Jide announced that development of Remix OS for PC, as well as related consumer products in development, was being discontinued, stating that the company would be “restructuring (their) approach to Remix OS and transitioning away from the consumer space”

Want to play Android on your desktop? Try PhoenixOS here.

So, what’s your story? What is dead operating systems you used to have?


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