Fall in Love With elementary OS (Again)

Fall in Love With elementary OS (Again): The Comparison to Other Linux

Is it a bit excessive if I say I fall in love with the elementary OS (Again)? But I think this is reasonable because I have tried some Linux distros and compared them according to the user’s point of view.

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To be honest, nothing is too special about this one operating system, if there is no strict rule of elementary OS for the application and design case.

If I may say, some of the other Linux versions I’ve used have numerous drawbacks.

Yes, indeed we are not talking about MacOSX which is designed to be ready to use or Windows with a myriad of applications and modifications allowed. But still…

For example, Zorin OS that looks pretty good, but defamed because of the logos that I think “out of the theme”.

The elementary OS logo goes deep into the theme. It’s all been thought of. Try it starting from the browser to the centre of the application. Everything is in theme one to another, is not it? Meanwhile, Ubuntu 17.10 comprises one of the deliberate Linux logos, I think.

Long story short, elementary OS is still the most recommended Linux out there for me.

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