How To Fix Bluetooth Mouse in Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS has brought the gaming experience to my old MBP 2010. This Android-based operating system offers so much in such a tiny installation package you can download for free from its website. But like every other newcomer operating system on the market, it also came with some bugs and minor glitch. Like some other Phoenix OS enthusiasts out there, I’ve browsed for the answer of How To Fix Bluetooth Mouse in Phoenix OS:

  1. How to use right mouse click or at least key-mapping the function.
  2. How to even connect my Bluetooth mouse to my MacBook Pro

The Bluetooth connection keeps failing every time I tried to connect my quite pricey Bluetooth mouse.

Well, this is how I solve not one, but both of the problems I stated above…

I connected the cheap Bluetooth mouse, the one that came with a dongle to my Mac while running Phoenix OS. And when I tried to uninstall Injustice2 by long-pressing it, the option didn’t show. But the menu showed up when I right-clicked it. That’s it, my big question mark answered by this cheap China made Bluetooth mouse. I assume this mouse was the one that Phoenix OS’s developer used to test this OS. 🙂

Phoenix OS New Update

PheonixOS v 2.5.7 is released. Surface Pro 4 touchscreen support, free MS Office suite, and a lot more feature are added. You can update via OTA or download here:

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