How To Install Deepin on Chromebook

This is How To Install Deepin on Chromebook:

Refreshing notes:  At the terminal prompt, type sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1 <— enables booting from USB

Prepare a USB Flash Drive and internet connection!

Normal Way

If the installation fails (mouse crosshair or just not running), try using the locked section below.

On Chromebook Part 1

  • With your Chromebook turned off hold down the ESC and F3/Refresh While keeping them held down, press the power. You will be brought to the white screen.
  • Press Ctrl + D to bypass this screen, then Enter.
  • On the next screen press Ctrl + D again to bypass this message.
  • Wait until your Chromebook finished the process. It will be restarted and you’ll see the screen with the red exclamation mark.
  • Developer mode is now enabled, power off the Chromebook.
  • Grab a snack.

Remember this: From now on, pressing Ctrl + D on the OS verification screen will make it go to Chrome OS. While Ctrl + L will get you to the other boot option.

I repeat:

Ctrl + D = Chrome OS
Ctrl + L = Other boot disks

Make this two a habit, you’ll need it, in the long run.

On Chromebook Part 2

  • Now turn on your Chromebook
  • Press Ctrl + D at the startup screen, you know what it does.
  • Don’t log in. If you reach the login screen, you failed. :p
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + F2/Right Arrow at the Chrome OS login screen.
  • Login using the password chronos on the black screen.
  • At the terminal prompt, type sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1 <— I always forget this line. That’s why I wrote it at the very beginning of this article.
  • Turn your Chromebook off.
  • Grab a glass of beer.

On Chromebook Final Part

  • Plug the Deepin Live USB into your Chromebook “fast” port. It’s usually the black one (no pun intended).
  • Start your Chromebook and press (yes!) Ctrl + L.
  • Press Esc immediately to hold the startup.
  • Choose you Live USB by typing the number.
  • It will then open the installer.
  • Enjoy your Chromepin. 🙂


If you have any difficulties, please refer to my article of how I installed Gallium using the process alike (but different), and manage your way from there. If you still failed and you’re sure it’s not a hardware issue, let me know in the comment section below.

Other references: Linux installation.

More about Deepin OS here.

Not into Deepin? Try Elementary OS or Pop OS instead.

And that’s How To Install Deepin on Chromebook. Cheers!

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