How To Install WhatsApp on Linux

About WhatsApp

It’s kind of weird if I have to explain WhatsApp again. As the best chat app with the largest number of users in the world, it seems that everyone already has it on their gadget. WhatsApp appears and continues to multiply even since the time of Blackberry Messenger dominate the world of communication. Well, this is how to install WhatsApp on Linux

Why Do We Need WhatsApp on Our Desktop?

If you are the type of people who hate distraction when you’re working on your desktop, then you should have WhatsApp on your desktop. The era of Yahoo Messenger has passed and I don’t think there are many companies that allow its employee to use Facebook in his office hour even for Messenger. Because of… reasons.

How To Install WhatsApp on Linux? Simply type this in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install whatweb

Yes, this is actually WhatsApp for the web. But what differs this version with other WhatsApp for the web is that this one never loses connection (at least not based on my experience), while the other keeps telling me the “WhatsApp/phone is not connected” error message.

If the method above fails, you can look for the installation in your Software/App Center. If it’s not there, perhaps your system just not allows it.

Another method is to install Chrome extension and run it from there, but it’s only a plain WhatsApp for web to me.

The Method That Works For Zorin OS

I’m trying Zorin OS now and I found Whatsie as the solution to use WhatsApp on this OS, which is pretty much abandoned now, but it’s still working ’til to date.

Get Whatsie here. If the link is broken, you may contact me, but I have no idea if I’m permitted to redistribute this app or not. Please make sure first.

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