Illegal Way to Cheat AdSense andIllegal Way to Cheat AdSense and Your Visitors to Double Your Revenue Your Visitors To Get Revenue

Hi guys, now it’s time for me to share how to cheat AdSense.

I’m lucky enough to experience living in the era when being a geek is considered cool. People have been using different kinds of swag from time to time. From barbaric approach to materialistic approach. But now (I think)… we can impress people simply by a presentation. The presentation comes first, accomplishment and fix come later. Just like how Google does it.

Now, Back To The Topic

Let’s see the video below. If you’re not fond of watching, you can skip the video because I’m going to write everything after the video.

Step by Step Instruction

This is a step by step instruction. So make sure you do it step by step and not randomly (unless stated).

In Amazon (or any other affiliate program)

  1. Make a free affiliate account (I’m using Amazon, but you can use this method with any accounts).
  2. Go to the affiliate tab (up-left on Amazon).
  3. Look for any promotion available for your affiliation.

In AdSense

You must have an approved AdSense account!

  1. Make an ad-unit in the size of the Amazon’s ad code.
  2. Open the ad-unit and then scroll down to where it stated something like, “if no ad available*”
  3. Paste the Amazon ad-code there and replace the part before // with https: in your posted code.
  4. Delete the part after your Amazon name (mine is digressingme-20)
  5. Save the setting and then click “get code” from the ad-unit you just created.

In Your Website

  1. This last part is simple. Just paste the code into the ad placement or anywhere you want it to appear. I recommend to stay away from WordPress appearance editor and stick with the widget placement provided by your theme.

How Does It Work?

The ad-code to you put in your placement/widget supposed to show Google AdSense advertisement only. Sometimes, your web traffic is going down and Google “refuses” to put an advertisement on your website. Hence, the blank yellow area. You can change the color of the blank area, but… blank is still blank.

That’s why we fill the blank with another advertisement you made on Amazon.

  1. If your web has a good traffic, then you might need this method to keep your layout looks good (no blank area, odd coloring etc). Imagine your website like a 24hrs shop now!
  2. If you’re just starting your web, then using this method will allow your web looks like it’s already populated with Google AdSense. So it will give you a richer content.

Well, I guess that’s how to cheat AdSense for now… anyone has something to add?

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