Matrix Writer Gives Me The Best of All Three Worlds

A Long Intro

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that my activities are changing operating systems and working on all those operating systems. In addition I have another hobby, namely writing some blogs.

This makes my activities interfere with my hobby and vice versa. Indeed everything I write in the client app will end up in the destination web. However, it feels awkward if I have to repeatedly adjust myself every time I change the operating system.

So far I have three favorite WordPress client, namely Blogo for Mac and iOS., Blogilo for Linux, and Blogpad for on iPad. All three are favorites for the same reason, the ability to duplicate my writing from one blog to another. And it’s very easy to live.

Before finding Matrix Writer, I had time to try Leanote. Very cool! Unfortunately, there is no way that I think easy to connect it to my WordPress blog. So, in my opinion, it is a luxury I can not use.

Blogo has its own shortcomings, no text justification option. So I always have to do it on the WordPress web. Because I’m frankly disgusted with the WordPress desktop app. Several times my writing just disappeared. Internet connection problem? Maybe. But a desktop app doesn’t rely on that, dogammit!

Matrix Writer First Look

As you can see, inserting this video was not my first attempt. In fact, it’s my third attempt because I was intrigued to connect my other accounts to Matrix Writer. I even tried to connect my Leanote account. 

By the way, how can I get my writing to Matrix Writer blog? If such thing exists. Because I’ve been searching, and I couldn’t find what to fill in the login option on the Home. I better finish writing first, unless I’ll have to rewrite this article again.

What Else Can We Find In Matrix Writer?

To name just a few:

  1. One Drive and Google Drive integration.
  2. Maps.
  3. cool <— emoticons!
  4. HTML and XML.
  5. There is also superscript and subscript.

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