Matrix Writer VS Blogo

Will be an inexhaustible conversation when it comes to writing blogs and which app options to use. This time We will be discussing two of my flagship apps, Matrix Writer, and Blogo. Actually, I wanted to include Blogilo in this article. But unfortunately, Blogilo sent an email informing me that Blogilo has become a dormant project.

Read more about Matrix Writer here.

Read more about Blogo here.

I will not go too deep into this article, just like my other articles which only talked about the surface and from an end-user perspective. But you can read deeper about both in the previous articles I wrote.

Writing and Posting

Matrix Writer allows me to post into many domains at once. For example, I can write a single note in Matrix Writer app and then choose where I want my writing to post to with a single click seamlessly. Matrix Writer supports both leading blogging host, WordPress, and Blogger.

On the other hand, Blogo works differently by not allowing me to post into more than one blogging host at once.

So, in this matter, it’s a +1 for Matrix Writer

Supported Blog Hosts

We can choose both Blogger and WordPress on Matrix Writer, there are also options of Matrix Blog and Other Service, but I can’t find an easy way to use that. Well, at least not as user-friendly as Blogo.

Meanwhile, we can choose WordPress, Blogger, and Medium on Blogo easily only by typing our blog address and let Blogo take care of the rest. We can get into what we love to do the most, writing.

+1 for Blogo here.


On Matrix Writer, we can see the history of our articles starting from the first one we wrote on it, while on Blogo we can see longer than that. I’ve tried to set my history to 50 (not a good idea) and then I have 50 posts on every blog I have before the one I’m currently writing. I can then right click on the old article to get the URL and then paste it as a link to my current article.

+1 for Blogo here.


I believe this part is very subjective, but I choose Matrix Writer on this one, judging by the workspace alone. I’m not quite fond of its Dashboard (since I found that some buttons are still mysterious). Oh, and I just found that my spelling correction “them to theme”in the setting has been fixed. Amazing!

+1 for Matrix Writer here.

So, what do you think? What’s your favorite blog writer?

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