Miro Video Converter Free

Last night, I had an idea to put Movies section to this website, then I tried to convert some of my collections. After some painful useless hours waiting for my video conversion processed by other application (because it failed), I decided to look for another alternative. That’s when I stumbled upon Miro Video Converter Free. Like the name already stated clearly, it’s free.

Not only free to use then ask you for money later like freemium, Miro calls itself a “donationware”, so we can choose how much we want to donate (or not).

Quicktime used to be so reliable for me to convert video files. But not later when I downloaded the more various video in different formats. And also, sometimes my clients send me their footage for me to put in their video. And they tend to send me the videos in the format I’ve never heard of.

Easy To Use

Miro Video Converter Free is easy to use. It lets you choose by devices selection rather than some coding um…codes. So you can comfortably choose the output according to your destination devices.

Here is how it looks:

Miro Video Converter Free

The only cons I find is that it works rather slow. But perhaps that’s just my old MacBook Pro.

Get Miro from its official website.

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