Nitrux, Not Average Linux

Nitrux, Not Average Linux And What Makes It So

Yesterday I downloaded and tried Nitrux, a not your average Linux from its official website. You can go directly to Nitrux, Not Average Linux website by clicking here and ignore other three hundred words I typed just for the sake of meeting the SEO need. 😀

But, really… I have to admit that I’m not a techie guy (like I said in my previous post and a post before that).

What makes me feel comfortable about “playing” with Linux installation is that everything is so simple and fast.

I have installed Ubuntu 17.10, Gallium, elementary, Endless, Pop, Solus, and Freespire. Honestly, I had to open my Finder to remember those OS’s names.

Sometimes I even forgot to unplug the LIVE USB installer because I couldn’t catch the transition between running it from Live USB or actually run it on my laptop’s system. All I need to do was plugged the USB, some mouse clicks then I left it running (most of the times). I couldn’t do that with Liri, I found it too confusing and the instructions I found were not clear (or I’m just plain stewpeedeh).

This is what Nitrux looks like on my Chromebook. Mind the exclamation mark, it does that when Non-Chrome OS installed:

Some Story About Nitrux, Not Average Linux (for me) ;p

Nitrux based on Ubuntu 17.10 and made by people who were in charge of designing Nitrux Theme (used on Ubuntu dev branch). It introduces Nomad desktop which is built on top of KDE Plasma 5 and Qt. Nitrux features the Babe music player and the Nomad Firewall utility.

First and foremost, Nitrux makes use of snap packages; so installing software is handled a bit differently than the norm. Even though Nitrux is based on Ubuntu, the apt install isn’t what you want to use (although it is available).

It’s minimum requirements are:

  • 2.66 GHz quad-core CPU or better.
  • 4 GB system memory.
  • 256 MB video memory and OpenGL 2.0 support.
  • 4.29 GB of free hard drive space.

I will keep this page open so I can easily add more update here. So, stay tuned by clicking the Subscribe button on the sidebar (or the bell button at the bottom right).

Get Nitrux here.

Want to dig more into what makes Nitrux, A Not Average Linux? Check  my sources below:

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