How to Integrate PayPal Button Into Wix website

In my opinion, Wix is the best website builder with a lot of features that are very pampering its users. With Wix, we can quickly monetize our blog with AdSense and also PayPal. By integrating PayPal Button Into Wix website.

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With one time setup, which I admit in this part is quite tiring because of the slow internet connection, the result is on par with the time I used to make the web. Indeed the process of making it is not as easy and as smooth as the ad, where people in the video simply drag and drop elements into their website. But you know… “ads”.

Here’s how to integrate PayPal button into Wix website:

With pictures:

Of course you should be registered on PayPal to use this button. You will need a working phone number and an email since PayPal will always use those two in order to verify most of your activities in it.

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