Reasons I switch to Windows 7 from OSX

Reasons I Switch to Windows 7 From OSX

Reasons I switch to Windows 7 from OSX: There may be some who think that my action to move to Windows 7 from Mac OS is a counterproductive action. It could be so, but still, this is something I need to experience myself (and maybe you too). By the way, this is my second day using Windows that I installed on my Mid-2010 MacBook Pro.

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If you ask me why I did not upgrade straight to Windows 10, my answer is that Boot Camp only suggested me to install between Windows 7 or Windows 8 (depends on MacBook type). I had a bad experience with Windows 8 (which I think is a generic version of Windows 10), so I will stick with Boot Camp suggestion.

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In addition to adjusting to the Cmd switch that switches to Ctrl, I also have to adjust to the placement of buttons above the application window. I have lost track of my cursor several times when I wanted to find the buttons.

Software installation process is more complicated. Unlike a Mac that only needs to open the disk image and move the app directly to the Apps folder, the installation in Windows is determined by the installer itself, where it will go and from where I can open it. The same thing happens with the uninstall process.

Please note that this is not a Mac vs PC article since I’m a proud user of both.


Years of using the Mac and all I got were two color options (graphite and blue), and that only changed a very small part of the display. Not surprising at all, given Apple always controls everything that happens to all its products, even in the front end though. With Windows, I can freely customize, although I keep changing it to a minimum, considering I’m forgetful and tend to forget what I was doing before when my Windows display suddenly became messy.

You can change your theme by typing “theme” in the Start Menu and click on “Change The Theme”.

Softwares Are Easier To Find

Softwares for Windows are easier to find both in online stores and in retail stores. In my neighborhood, there is a large mall of nearly ten Windows software vendors, and only one that sells Apple products, it is an iStore that focuses more on hardware sales. I think this is a bit troublesome because not all applications are in the App Store. And expecting real-time answers about the software in the App Store is something impossible.

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And believe not if I say the workers on iStore use templates to answer their customers? I hardly ever get new knowledge from my conversation with them. All I get is the impression, “oh, it’s so true”. They only reinforce the facts I find, not the solutions. When I asked what difference the official OS would have with my OS downloaded from the internet, he simply replied, “The official one has a dock”. That’s a silly answer.

This is different from my experience in the Windows software store. Although they are not official stores, they have a myriad of answers to what I am asking.And even giving me more ideas of what that software is capable of.

Windows Computer More Easily Found

This is a scenario where I decided to go for a walk and the misfortunes that always with me decide to walk with me. I accidentally left my laptop and phone at home. Then suddenly a writing idea popped into my head, and I knew that I would forget to write anything if it was suspended for a while. I’m senile, mmm … or have I ever written about this before?

I only have one choice, find the nearest internet cafe! or go home I’m willing to bet, the majority of internet cafes will rent out PCs, and not Macs. At least that’s what I met here.

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Then why is this a consideration? Yes, you know how difficult it is to change the habits on the computer? Different software and hand gestures will obviously hamper our productivity. Imagine how panicky and ridiculous if we forget to close our browser window because it uses the wrong hotkeys.

Giving New Life

Just like installing Linux on my old MacBook Pro, installing Windows also gives new life for this old man. High Sierra is cool, stable, amazing (add yourself what you expect from an OS), but it feels heavy when running on my MacBook. To prevent too much oath I am computing, installing Windows is the best choice besides installing Linux. Especially, the cool Deepin Linux. 🙂

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Saving on Hardware

Although I rarely find hardware constraints on my MacBook Pro, or almost never. But it would be nice if we can get insight from hardware constraints that we find. The answer to this hardware constraint is tantamount to the experience I encountered with software constraints. Answer the Mac technician we can guess, that is … replace with a new one!

If you’re like me, who has an “insider” acquaintance, you’re lucky enough not to have to replace all your MacBook pro lids just to overcome Wifi or Webcam constraints. This can be understood because Apple is a hardware manufacturer, and they sell Apple Care to guarantee the performance of its products.

This also happens if you use Windows on MacBook Pro or other Macs. Inevitably we have to take care of our hardware constraints to Apple’s official branch. However, if you use Windows on PC… congratulations, you have a lot of advantages and savings if one of your PC components is troubled.

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