Solus Installation on Chromebook Acer C720P

Solus Installation on Chromebook Acer C720P: Solus felt more into gaming than other Linux flavors, with Lutris and Steam included. But, of course, that all depends on the hardware. Then, my opinion about Linux is not for a gamer still stands, duh. The installation itself took more time than some other distros installation. My screen went sleep sometimes. The cool thing is my touchpad run very smoothly without updating the driver.

Solus comes with a so-so look, but it allows us to do a lot of customization without the need of using Gnome Tweak. Which in my experience tend to make the appearance even looked worse(and I don’t know where to repeat from). One more thing I found great on Solus is that its Software Center is easy to use. It has a nice frontend and most Softwares I need are already there.So I didn’t have to do the post-installation ritual like I have to do with other Linux distribution.

I had some trouble connecting to wifi, but maybe that just happens to me and not a common issue.

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So, This is How I Did Solus Installation on Chromebook Acer C720P

Before you proceed, make sure you have developer mode enabled on your Chromebook. If you haven’t done so or not sure, check the step by step tutorial below:

Follow the chrx installation guide for the detailed process, here’s the summary:

  1. Make backups of Chromebooks using Chromebook Recovery Utility (just in case).
  2. Turn your Chromebook into Developer Mode (Do NOT turn on debugging mode!).
  3. Turn it off completely (not sleeping).
  4. Press and hold the Ctrl + (right arrow above/if on the regular keyboard = F2) and press the power button to turn it on.
  5. Click on ctrl + alt + t to open the terminal.
  6. Will appear with the crosh command prompt, type shell then hit enter.
  7. Type: sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb = 1 dev_boot_legacy = 1
  8. Follow the process until it restarts to Chrome again, then connect to the internet.

Move To Solus Installation on Chromebook Process

  1. Download the ISO here
  2. Burn the ISO to a USB drive <— I used 32GB, but 4GB will do just fine
  3. Shut your Chromebook down
  4. Plug the Live USB you made in step 2
  5. Turn on your Chromebook
  6. Press Ctrl + L on the exclamation mark screen <— this will bring you to the boot selection screen
  7. Select your Live USB from the screen
  8. Follow the next step in the video

So, that’s how my Solus installation on Chromebook process. I will cover more in near future.

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