Starting AdSense For The Beginner

Starting AdSense For The Beginner

Starting a website is something fun. It’s like creating your own Facebook timeline but without Facebook, and the most fun part is, no-one will scold you for what you wrote. Well, unless you allow them to. Having ads brings even more fun to your website. It gives life and rich contents to your website. We will cover this later. For now, let’s focus on starting AdSense for the beginner and start making revenue.

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What you’ll need: A Google account.

Let’s start by making a self-hosted website.

We will use WordPress here because it has tons of plugins to choose and make our job easier. Nothing hard will be covered here, most of the process will be copy and pasting. You can register and buy your own domain directly in WordPress, or you can use the second approach (I’m using this one) which is buying the domain and hosting from Namecheap.

Why buying? Why self-hosted? WordPress is free! Is this a scam?

Yes, WordPress is free. But AdSense won’t display your Ads on free WordPress which is a free blogging service. You can also use Weebly and Blogspot which allows you to put your Ads on their site for free.

Whichever you choose, the idea will be the same. I will divide it into 4 sections (A-D):

A. Make a website.

B. Get Analytics tracking code.

C. Register and verify your web to Google.

D. Verifying and registering your website for Google Search.

E. Making and Placing Ad Code.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

A. Make a Website

  1. Go to by clicking its banner above.
  2. Buy a hosting and domain. Choose a nice name for your website.
  3. Ask Namecheap technician to set a WordPress site for you (and ask them for free secure SSL [this gives you https]). Done! Go to Analytics steps below.
  4. If you want to make your own WordPress (or other engines) website:
  5. Goto your CPanel by going to https://yournewcoolweb.whatever and add /cpanel at the end. So it will be https://yournewcoolweb.whatever/cpanel  <— change the bold with your actual address. No shit, Sherlock!
  6. Login using the details Namecheap emailed you.
  7. Scroll down and find SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER and choose WordPress (or other engines. Please note that this article won’t cover other engines but WordPress alone).
  8. Choose where to install it and install WordPress. It will take no longer than a minute.
  9. Done! Move on to Analytics steps below.

B. Get Google Analytics Code (and how to maximize your revenue)

  1. Go to and sign in with your Google Accounts (your Gmail).
  2. Go to Admin panel (lower left).
  3. Then Account > Make New Account
  4. Fill in the details about your website (account name and site name)
  5. Choose either HTTP or https <— you can ask NameCheap to make your HTTP to https for free. Or make it yourself later.
  6. Fill in your web address.
  7. Choose what industry are you in. Even though you have other industry, for the sake of revenue, there are two leading industries in Ads: Computer and Internet. I suggest you pick one of them.
  8. Click on the blue button (Get ID) by choosing your country first.
  9. You will get your tracking code. Copy It and paste it somewhere for later use.

C. Placing Tracking Code on Your WordPress Website

Namecheap user (like me) can easily skip this step by asking Namecheap technician to do this for free.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to plugins and choose “add new”.
  3. Just install “Insert Header and Footer” for now (yeah I know it’s tempting to try them all. We’ll cover this later).
  4. Click Activate to turn the plugin on.
  5. Hover your mouse on Setting (located in the dark area on your left), click on Insert Header and Footer.
  6. Paste the Analytics tracking code you got from section B above to the HEAD area, leave the Footer blank.
  7. Click SAVE and do NOT close this tab.
  8. Open a new tab to do the instructions in section D.

Unlock the instruction for a nonWordPress website by sharing this article.

D. Verifying and registering your website for Google Search.

What good is all the effort we made if no one can find our website? That’s why we need it to be registered and verified by Google, Bing, Yandex etc. We will only be covering Google Search for now.

  1. Go to Google Webmaster and then Sign in there.
  2. Click Add Property (make sure you’re signing in using the account you want to add the Ads to if you have multipple Google accounts).
  3. Select “website” then input your website URL there.
  4. Click “Alternate Method” tab.
  5. Choose HTML Tag.
  6. Copy the HTML Tag/Meta Tag (something like “<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”blah blah blah” />).
  7. Paste it under the Analytics tracking code you got from section B in your WordPress header tab.
  8. Click Save.

E. Making and Placing Ad Code.

  1. Go to AdSense.
  2. Click on My Ads and then click on +Add New Ads.
  3. Everything will be intuitive here so you can actually try it yourself to suit your need. Or, you can continue to step 4 to get the most basic Ads placement principal.
  4. Choose Responsive for now and then close and then copy the Ad code.
  5. Go back to your WordPress working tab in section D.
  6. Hover the mouse on Appearance menu on your left, choose Widgets.
  7. Click on “Custom HTML”, choose Right Sidebar and then click Add Widget button.
  8. It will bring you to the blank widget.
  9. Paste the Ad code from step number 4 above here, click Save.
  10. That’s it! All you have to do is wait until Google finds your web and start sending Advertisement.

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