Things You Should Do Before Buying Used SSD / HDD

Things You Should Do Before Buying Used SSD-HDD

Today, I intended to sell some of my SSDs which, after I think I rarely use. But apparently, selling SSD is not as easy as buying it. Incidentally, I bought my SSD in brand new condition. So I think, there is still warranty anyway. Now I want to share about things you should do before buying used SSD-HDD that I learned from some prospective buyers.

There are some prospective buyers who ask some things that I think will not be asked when buying a new item. They asked me to send them a video, yes, clear videos and photos of the products that I have included photos when I put them in an online store.

In order to satisfy that person’s trust issue, I still needed to send the latest photos from my SSD. Luckily he did not ask me to put my right hand on my head and my left hand rubbed my belly huh?

They also asked for a screenshot of SSD’s health. And specifically, they asked Sentinel. because I run a Mac, of course, I have trouble using Sentinel which is exclusive only for Windows and Linux. Wait, there are Windows and Linux version?!? This is not exclusive … it’s the Mac that is ignored.

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Luckily I got a nice alternative named DriveDx. DriveDx immediately displays the condition of my SSD once the program is run.

things you should do before buying used ssd

Before deciding to sell it, I make sure my SSD is in top condition. For that, I tested its ability using Black Magic Disk Speed Test. And thankfully, it’s worth doing.

Black Magic

So, By Narrowing It Down, They Asked Me For:

  1. Current physical condition (photo and video)
  2. If it’s still under warranty or not (proved by showing the warranty seal or purchasing bill)
  3. SSD Health (using DriveDx)
  4. SSD Speed and performance (Black Magic Disk Speed Test)

Get DriveDx here.

Get BlackMagic Speed Test here.

Well, those are the things my prospective buyers need before they decide to buy the SSD I’m selling. I think that’s also things you should do before buying used SSD-HDD and when the product arrives in your hand.

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