Ubuntu Studio For First Time User

I’ve been using Ubuntu Studio since I decided to run Ubuntu along-side my MacOSX and Chrome OS (yes, that’s possible). Kinda late actually since everyone else in the world has tested Ubuntu at least once in their life. So, I guess I’m not too late to try this. Or may I say that I’m actually just at the right time to test a Linux myself? The Linux my friends use looked crappy and ugly. Sounds harsh, but you know this is true.

Ubuntu STudio


No matter how good you are in programming or you can even boil an egg with a command line… when I say ugly here, I mean by the look only.




After the first install, I am starting to fall in love with Linux and started my path of searching a better (looking) Linux since then:

These are the list of Linux distros I’ve tried, it’s ordered from the one I favor the most first:

  1. Ubuntu 17.10
  2. Elementary OS
  3. Pop OS
  4. Solus
  5. Zorin
  6. Deepin
  7. Nitrux
  8. Freespire

I have also tried other flavors, you can find them using the search bar somewhere on this web. The first Linux I tried is Gallium before I walked my way installing Linux on my Chromebook using Crouton. No details will be covered here except for Ubuntu Studio, you can check the links on the list above to see more about the Linux version you want to know.

What Ubuntu Studio Offers

Ubuntu Studio is claimed to offer better multimedia production and experience. Started by changing its default theme including sounds. Optimized photo and video editing software, such as Gimp for photo editing and Pitivi for video editing. I haven’t tried any music editing software until now.

Ubuntu looks good too, just like it’s previous version (16) which is running alongside my Chrome OS right now. It’s not the best looking, but everything measured and placed just fine.

My Conclusion

So, if you are a first time Linux user like me, I’m suggesting to start with Ubuntu 17.10 or Elementary OS and Zorin OS for Mac user and Solus for Windows user. Again, for the sake of similar look only.


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