What Is Chromebook, Chrome Themes, and Google Chrome Update

In this post, we will talk about, “What Is Chromebook, Chrome Themes, and Google Chrome Update?”

Chromebook is a Linux laptop, running on the ultra-lightweight operating system called Chrome OS. Sounds familiar? Of course, because this is the sibling of Chrome web browser we’ve been using for about a decade now.

Read more about the history of Chromebook here.

But, why?

Have you ever used a laptop with 8GB memory, 1GB graphics card, and 3TB of storage media just for doing office work?

Maybe the answer is, yes! That’s if you work in an advertising company or post-production house. If not … imagine how many laptop resources been wasted while using the laptop just to send an email and other tasks that deal with the internet.

The average price of Chromebooks is below the price of laptops in general, and of course is well below the price of the MacBook Pro.This is possible because Chromebooks have a specific target, the internet user. Therefore, the Chromebook is also equipped with a specification that is only fitting for it. Plus, Chrome OS is so light, allowing Chromebooks to run with just 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Thanks to the use of SSDs here. For those who like to dismantle pairs of laptops, Chromebook allows for upgraded both memory and storage.

The storage is very limited in size, but that shouldn’t be a problem since we store everything on Google Drive.

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Let me describe what we can access/put in the cloud:

  • Mail —> GMail
  • Storage —> Google Drive
  • Documents —> Google Docs and also accessible¬†through Drive
  • Videos —> YouTube

For more serious (or rich) users, Chromebooks are also manufactured with higher specifications at a relatively cheaper price. Chromebooks include everything for free out of the box, and you can add paid apps if you want via Chrome Web Store.

Read about Chrome Web Store here.

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Chrome Themes

Almost 99% of my activities on Chromebooks are in the Chrome browser. There is almost no time to see my desktop wallpaper. So I have to minimize Google Web Browser to see my wallpaper.

Read more about Themes here.

No matter how my surfing activities, over time it will become boring because it should always look at a blank screen that is only decorated with text. That’s why I feel the need to customize my Chrome web browser by going to Chrome Web Store and choose the theme I want. There is a wedge for me, the “theme that works cool” was found in the extension category.

Read about how to make and sell web apps on Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome Update

Chrome regularly sending updates to improve both Chromebooks and Chrome Web Browser. It’s available in three categories, stable, beta and dev. Stable is for casual user while Beta is Google’s experiment, glitch expected. Developer mode, on the other hand, lets the user do massive tweaking, included replacing the Chrome OS to other operating systems.

This is the luxury of Chromebook user that Chromium users don’t have.

Read more about Chromium here.

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