WordPress Plugins to Animate Your WordPress Site Feb 2018 Edition

WordPress Plugins to Animate Your WordPress Site

WordPress and its plugins are two inseparable components. While WordPress itself does just great as a CMS, its plugins (including third parties) empowered it with so many functions without the need for coding and programming knowledge. Even sometimes I have to admit that coding/programming knowledge will make my job easier and skip the hassle of waiting for the troubleshooting solution form the vendor. This page talks about WordPress Plugins to animate your Wordpress site.

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How to make your WordPress website more appealing to your visitor? Visually speaking, you can animate it. Yes, I also thought that having animation on WordPress is impossible. But, actually, it’s possible. Thank’s (again) to the developer of the plugin who did their great job making these plugins.

Animate It

“Animate It” is a plugin to animate your page elements, such as text and pictures. The limit is your own creativity. After installing the plugin, it will appear on the top of your post/page WordPress text editor. After you click the button, Animate It will show you the user-friend setting.

In the setting area, you can decide what kind of animation you will use when the object enters the page, and what to choose when the object exit the page, and what to trigger the animation. The option is simple, but I think that will cover all our need, such as hover, scroll, and load. This is the video showing Animate It in action. I actually got this video when I asked about some setting to the developer.

A very quick response!

This is how Animate It bounce the object on your page:

[edsanimate_start entry_animation_type= “bounce” entry_delay= “0” entry_duration= “0.5” entry_timing= “linear” exit_animation_type= “rubberBand” exit_delay= “0” exit_duration= “0.5” exit_timing= “linear” animation_repeat= “infinite” keep= “yes” animate_on= “hover” scroll_offset= “” custom_css_class= “”]

digressingme animate it basketball

Hint: Hover your mouse over the ball.

More sample of Animate It in one page here.

The only downside is… Animate It might not work on all WordPress theme. But you can test it on your orphan page first, just for precaution.

Get Animate It here.


Unlike Animate It that focus on animating objects, Elementor is a great site builder that allows you to embed many things on your WordPress page, and that includes animation. You can put animation you get from YouTube or the one you made yourself on Adobe Spark by simply inserting it on your page.

Read more about Adobe Spark here

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If you think that there’s no point doing this because you can easily put your animation on your web by default… Well, Elementor allows you to nest your animation on a specific area you want your animation to appear. Elementor will override your page’s alignment setting. Cool, huh?

Get Elementor here.

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